Honourable Robeson Benn– Minister of Home Affairs moments ago met virtually with Board members and Officers of the National Commission on Disability (NCD).

The Commission was pleased to note that the Minister was au fait with the Disability Act and the Ministry’s Responsibilities in clauses (30) and (31) which highlight ‘Mobility of vehicle. Cap. 51:02 and Access to Public Transportation by Persons with Disabilities respectively’.

NCD’s Chairperson (ag.) Vidushi Persaud-McKinnon underscored the importance of “Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities” in accordance with the Disability Act.

“There are currently no programmes in place by the Ministry on accessibility for Persons with Disabilities at the moment however, we will look into this and see if anything can be done”, Minister Benn stated.

Persaud-McKinnon emphasized the Commission’s readiness to test facilities for required accessibility standards and provide required guidance accordingly. She added that, the Commission’s continuous Sensitization sessions bring awareness to the public on the content of the Disability Act, the Commission’s role and Disability Etiquette.

The possible establishment of a Sign Language Programme was also put forward by NCD. This was commended by Minister Benn, “I am glad NCD has the ability to do this. We can definitely have some persons sign up and be trained in Sign Language”.

Other key areas discussed in today’s meeting included:

  • The current Duty-free concession and retrofitting of vehicles for People with Disabilities.
  • NCD’s issuance of Disability Identification Cards to PWDs Initiative. Specimen of ID Card to be forwarded to Government Ministries and Police Stations.
  • PWDs currently soliciting finances in busy streets and obstructing traffic.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs providing the Commission with a Liaison person for future communications and collaborations moving forward; among others.                                                                                             

The National Commission on Disability (NCD) expresses appreciation to the Minister for meeting with its Commissioners and Officers; and look forward for collaborating with the Ministry of Home Affairs to ensure the Rights of PWDs are fulfilled in Guyana.  

The Commission continues to engage newly appointed Government Ministers in its mandate of working towards improving the lives of Persons with Disabilities in Guyana.

Representing the NCD were: Vidushi Persaud- McKinnon: Chairperson (Ag.),

Ganesh Singh &  Roydon Croal – Board members / Commissioners

Beverly Pile – Executive Secretary

Avonel Corrica – Advocacy & Communications Officer.