Are you a person with a disability applying for Customs & Vat Exemptions?

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Become a registered member of the National Commission on Disability (NCD). Its free
  2. Identify the vehicle or phone you want to buy
  3. Download and print the Tax Exemption Application form from GRA Website or
  4. Pick one up from the NCD
  5. NCD sends you to the medical specialist to certify your disability
  6. Take/Send this document (+completed application form) back to the NCD
  7. NCD prepares your package of documents
  8. Take the documents to an ASYCUDA-trained Customs Broker
  9. The Broker uploads your documents to the ASYCUDA system
  10. GRA conducts an investigation and informs NCD of findings

New Tax Exemption for Persons with Disabilities