Representatives of the National Commission on Disability (NCD) met with a team from the Ministry of Communities—Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH& PA) on February 20th, 2018 at the Commission’s Secretariat 49 Croal Street, Georgetown.

The meeting was requested by CH&PA’s Project Engineer Randolph Hunte. The Commission welcomed this form of collaboration which addresses the Rights of Persons with Disabilities to Housing, as stipulated in the Guyana Persons with Disabilities Act, 2010. The Agenda of the meeting focused on the required specifications for constructing houses for Persons with Disabilities in particular the blind and wheel chair users.

CH&PA’s “Housing Solution Programme” is one of inclusivity where Persons with Disabilities are apart of the Application process. Two sample houses will be constructed to cater for the housing needs of the blind and wheel chair users. Once appropriate designs and specifications are approved through collaboration with NCD, additional accessible homes of this nature will be subsequently constructed. There was a consensus that the Commission will assist PWDs who are desirous of applying for homes through the CH&PA’s Housing Solution Programme. The Commission was represented by Executive Secretary—Beverly Pile and Advocacy & Communication Officer—Avonel Corrica. Meanwhile, CH&PA team consisted of Mr. Jermaine Harris—Architectural Technician, Mr. Intakab Indarjeet—Deputy Director of Projects and Mr. Randolph Hunte.

Subsequent meetings of this nature will be held between NCD & CH&PA.